"At our CORE we are for
people making a difference
in our world."

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THE QUEST – Researchers are relentless in their search to find a cure for leukemia. For these men and women, failure is not an option. Until a cure is found, they will never cease from the quest.

OF THINGS TO COME – This song is based on a poem I wrote for my wife, Miriam, on what would have been Ryan’s ninth birthday.

JUST LIKE AIR – We talked with Ryan about how God is always with us even though we can’t see Him. We blew up a balloon saying, "Just like air, God is there". Then we let the balloon go. It flew wildly around the room.

GOTCHA! – Ryan loved to play with Nerf guns. He would hide them under his bed covers and when a doctor came into his hospital room, he’d bean ‘em. He would not aim just anywhere; he would wait until the doctor turned away and then shoot ‘em right in the rear.

FOUNTAIN VOYAGE – To motivate Ryan, we would take him to an outdoor fountain at the hospital for fresh air and exercise. We would place surprises in the fountain ahead of time so he would make exciting discoveries like silver dollars and dinosaur toys. Being ill didn’t change the fact that he was still a child in need of fun and wonderful experiences each day.

THE FIRST RAIN – The first rain always brings refreshing relief to a dry earth. For us, God is that first rain. We don’t understand all of this now, but when we are with Ryan in heaven, only then will we realize all the people his life has touched.

A POEM FOR YOU – Encouragement came from Arnold Schwarzenegger, NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon, and Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Once, Arnold thrilled Ryan with a phone call and at the end of their conversation Ryan shared a favorite poem, "Blue Skies". Thanks to all the people who took the time to make a difference in Ryan’s life!

PROJECT RYAN – A Division of Johnson & Johnson has assigned the code name "Project Ryan" to identify therapies that will provide relief from cancer treatments. This research will greatly improve the quality of life for all cancer patients, both children, and adults, as well as those enduring other illnesses.

NO DOUBT – On Ryan’s headstone is the final verse of the poem "I Will Not Doubt", which he memorized while in the grip of the disease. "I do not doubt, so listening worlds may hear it!"

THE SUN’S RISING – While holding Ryan for those last moments, three things as his father went through my mind. First… "Go, buddy, go!" since it was time for the suffering to end. Second… "God’s will be done", and third… "God, heal him". When it was clear that God had other plans, a complete and powerful peace came over me and at that instant I knew Ryan was in heaven. He was safe, happy and whole.

I CAN’T WAIT – As Ryan weakened physically, his spiritual strength amazed us. One day, a boy on Ryan’s floor passed away. Ryan’s reaction to the news surprised us all. "What a wonderful thing!" he said. "He’s in heaven now. I can’t wait to get there too!" As adults, our dreams can be so limited. Ryan saw so much more.

IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW – It was the day before Ryan’s funeral. Through tears we focused on the words of this song, knowing that we had just been given the prefect message at the prefect time.

Thank you for letting me share a little of Ryan’s life with you.