"At our CORE we are for
people making a difference
in our world."

COREfor…World Change

COREfor… is an organization that was founded on the belief that our world can be changed, one life at a time.

Every person has gifts and abilities that can impact the lives of others. The reality is that most people don’t even realize the gifts they have. We are committed to changing that.

The musical project, Of Things To Come, came about when musicians used their gifts to help those suffering with the effects of leukemia. One musician is vice-president of a construction company…one, a computer operator…one, a vice-president of a sales organization…and one, a pastor…each holding a common belief that world change is possible. Of Things To Come is dedicated to the memory of Ryan Maguire Turner, who lost his battle to leukemia in 1997.

In future projects, COREfor… will embrace like-minded people committed to using their gifts to touch their community through causes.